Dr Oz 2 Week Diet Plan

Dr Oz 2 Week Diet Plan

All About 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss

dr oz 2 week diet planWhether you want to start losing weight right, or whether you've been dieting and hit a wall, 2 week rapid weight loss plan may be worth trying. It's designed to load you up with the healthiest food — small protein portions and low-glycemic index vegetables — which helps curb cravings while giving your body a good start. Best of all, diet plan is designed so you can prep and automate all the meals. This way, you can shed fat without having to spend lots of time in the kitchen.

2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Overview

Diet plan is fairly simple to follow. When you wake up, you want to start your day with a cup of hot water and half a lemon. This is a simple way to energize yourself while getting the numerous benefits of citrus fruit — like vitamin C.

For breakfast, you have a smoothie made of 2 tablespoons protein powder, 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds, half a cup of frozen berries, half a banana, and a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Blend the ingredients and enjoy.

Throughout the day, instead of coffee, sip some green tea. This tea should be organic, of course. Green tea, unlike coffee, is full of ingredients which are very good for you — it may also help suppress hunger and aid weight loss.

For lunch or dinner, have a 6 ounce serving of chicken, fish, or turkey. This is your protein for the day, and you only do this once.

Otherwise, you can have some good quality fats like avocado or olive oil in moderation with your meals. Despite what you may have heard, fat can help you lose weight — provided you eat the right kinds of fat!

The same goes for dairy. You don't want to load up on lots of dairy. In fact, the only dairy you should have on this diet plan is a cup of plain, 2% Greek yogurt. Otherwise, get rid of all the milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.

What you can and should eat lots of are low-glycemic index vegetables and Detox Broth. Low-glycemic index vegetables are veggies like artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, celery, beans, greens, mushrooms, onions, peppers, squash, tomato, watercress, zucchini, cabbage, salad greens, and more — Dr. Oz has a long list on his website. They're full of protein and fiber, which helps give you a steady but slow digestion. You don't get left hungry, but you do get healthy!

dr. oz two week weight loss grocery list

The recipe for Detox Broth is available on website. It's a vegetable broth with onion, carrots, squash, root vegetables, greens, celery, cabbage, ginger, garlic, and salt. After boiling it for about an hour, you get 8 cups you can store in the fridge and drink from throughout the day.

As for snacks, recommends pickles, hummus, or a few handful of nuts.

Combined with a probiotic & a multivitamin in the morning and a detox bath (a bath with Epsom salt and baking soda) in the evening, and that's largely it.



On the downside, the diet is restrictive. You can't have any wheat, sweeteners (artificial sweeteners and white sugar are both out), alcohol, caffeine (besides green tea), dairy (besides Greek yogurt), or additional exercise. You also can't eat between 8pm and 8am.


Benefits — What To Expect

What to expect once you get plan is extremely fast weight loss. It's designed to help you slim down in under two weeks, and it delivers.

Getting Even Better Results

While the 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss plan is excellent, it also has its limitations. Doctors has recommended garcinia cambogia several times on his show as a weight loss promoting supplement, suggesting you look for a supplement which has a minimum 50% active HCA.

What Users Say about Garcinia Cambogia


One such supplement is Garcinia Cambogia , which includes not only 50% HCA but a proprietary blend of other ingredients to produce even better, faster weight loss results. By adding garcinia cambogia to your diet, the supplement actively prevents new fat cells from forming… instead, channeling those pounds to your energy system. You get a slimmer waist and feel more full of energy at the same time.

Plus, garcinia cambogia works in concert with the green tea and low-glycemic index vegetables to suppress your appetite. You won't experience the cravings you do now.